What investment suits you best?

Put you money in wine

Experts, enthusiasts or novices can enjoy investing in wine.
Why invest in wine?
Because it represents a safe haven in the medium and long-term.
It is part of asset diversification plans and has the advantage of spreading risk.
It is a relatively available investment option (recommended term 3 years, but not mandatory).
The scarcity of products has the effect of creating value.
Growing global demand leads to direct inflation of prices.
You have full ownership whether you are direct purchaser or through companies.
Taxation is favorable.
The investment is within the reach of many people.

Without the quality and density of wine-growing areas and the terroir, French wines would not as successful.
It should be noted that 55% of all limestone sub-soils are located on French territory.

Ancestral know-how, both in production and sale, allows the Grands Crus Classés to remain at the summit of the wine hierarchy. Limited quantities mean that production is restricted by decrees of appellations:
For example: Petrus produces less than 2,500 cases a year; Mouton-Rothschild harvests 4 bunches per vine.
Scarcity of products / vintages = value creation.


International outreach

Emerging countries (e.g.: China) are quickly catching up with the hitherto closed club of major economic powers.
Growing global demand has a direct action on the inflation of prices.
Long-keeping wines improve their quality with aging
You benefit from exclusive and luxury products.
Software application that allows you to follow the evolution of your investment at any time thanks to online access to your account.
In short, if you want to make an investment that provides many benefits and great flexibility, wine is perfect for meeting your expectations.
Thanks to its stock market index functions, you can check the yields of your cellar at any time.

Yours sincerely