What investment suits you best?

How to invest profitably and well?

Buy paper gold in Geneva

Investing in paper gold in Switzerland will allow you to benefit from an investment in the short term with the possibility of renewal. The semi-annual gross interest rates range from 5 to 7%.

Buy physical gold

If you prefer physical gold, we are also able to offer investments in this precious metal starting from 10 g.
Gold has been legal tender since Alexander the great.
"When something holds good for 2000 years I do not believe it can be so because of prejudice or mistaken theory"
Bernard Baruch (1870-1965)

Invest in real estate

Do you wish to be given revenues on your investment without starting your starting capital ?Our product corresponds to your research. The rates go according to the investment from 5 to10% crude a year.
The duration of the investments is 5 years renewable.

Put you money in wine

Whether you are amateur or a novice this investment is has sound performance. It enjoys a favourable tax position with very good performance. For example, a early product Castle Angélus acquired 2014 with performed since its acquisition to date of an appreciation of 31%. If you invest tax-free your wine will be managed and stored at Geneva Freeport (Switzerland). If you prefer delivery, your purchase will include all taxes.

Investment in tenanted equity release properties

Unlike a conventional equity release arrangement, here the purchaser does not buy to live there upon the demise of the tenant, but to invest and achieve an excellent investment in the short or medium-term. The investor is offered premium properties that he would not normally be able to acquire.

What investment suits you best?

In Geneva, Switzerland, the founder and CEO of CFINANCIAL-Invest has sought out secure investment solutions with minimum risks since 1994.
Trusting your assets to CFINANCIAL-Invest means that you can enjoy many opportunities to make your investment grow in different areas and companies.
However, bear in mind that zero-risk in terms of financial investment does not exist in some domains...
In recent years global financial markets have not been on the best of form. But fortunately there are still some areas that remain reliable and efficient, which is what CFINANCIAL-Invest offers through our website.
Whether you're looking to invest in the short-term (six months), or want evolving rates (between 5% and 14% gross), would like additional income now or on retirement without touching your capital or simply want to change the performance of your current investments, rest assured that we have the solution adapted to your wishes.
Based in Geneva, CFINANCIAL-Invest does not just handle your investments but is also an independent brokerage partner of the companies whose best products we offer you.
Changing investment habits is not always easy, which is why we would be happy to meet you and discuss the opportunities offered by CFINANCIAL-Invest.
Our advice will be issued to you free of charge and without commitment on your part.

Yours sincerely,


Founder & CEO