What investment suits you best?

Invest in real estate

Real estate investment with high output!

Today to invest while profiting from output raised without taking any chance is impossible. The authorities of the financial markets of many countries, impose constraints on the companies proposers of the financial placements like prohibition to notify the warranty of the rates and the funded capital 

However neither the bank, nor the inssurance
companies can guarantee the rate to you or thecapital of your investment and, 
the performancesof the products that they propose to you are sinceyears in fall.

Whereas to choose?
We do not have the claim to offer you products with outputs exepctionnels but to offer you a range of products making the difference with thebanks and the insurance companies.

Knowing that these products are at the risks andthat no warranty on the capital and the interests are possible (as with the banks and the insurance companies)

Three products of investments are available in Euros and Switzerland Francs going from in 5%to 10% a year according to the duration.  
Example of investment to capitalization n°1 (in € or Switzerland Francs)
Of 50 € with 5% during 7 years, 6% during 12years, 7% during 18 years and 8% during 25 years

Example of investment to revenues n°2:
Of 1 ' 000 € with 40 ' 000 € X 6 % gross a year
Example of investment to revenues n°3:
Of 50 ' 000 € with 100 ' 000 € X 8% crude a year
Example of investment to revenues n°4:
Of 200 ' 000 € X 10% crude a year = 20 ' 000 eurosa year evening 5 ' 000 euros per quarter

The duration of the investment is from 5 to 25years renewable (according to type of contract)
Advantage of these products of investments, notof deposit charges and not overheads
The revenues are subjugated with the social samples of the home countries of the investor.

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