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Buy gold in Geneva

Over 10 years gold has grown 40% on average per year and very other few investments can boast this performance.

You have two options for investing in gold:

Physical gold is a gold that can be touched:

  • Gold coins
  • gold bullion
  • Jewellery, etc

You can acquire it from banks and even from individuals.
With its constant growth, acquiring and keeping physical gold is a genuinely safe investment that is almost certain to be profitable in the medium and long-term.
The only downside is that gold belonging to individuals can be nationalised and repatriated.

Paper gold is classified by gold mines as:

  • Gold shares
  • Gold certificates

It is not physically held by you and must be considered as a reference to a strong currency.
Investing in paper gold is perfect for speculating and making frequent transactions.
The advantage of acting via the professionals directly managing the mines is that the state cannot nationalise your investment.

CFINANCIAL offers you an investment in paper gold. Investment conditions:

  • Minimum € 10'000 (CHF possible)
  • 6 months renewable investment
  • Possibility of recovering surpluses every 6 months
  • Semi-annual rate from 5% gross (up to 7% gross according to amount invested)
  • No taxation after 22 years without resale (France)

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