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Investment in tenanted equity release properties

Why invest in tenanted equity?

Seniors and life annuities.

Today France has more than 15 million pensioners, knowing that in 1975 there were 3.14 contributors per retiree while in 2011 the figure stands at just 1.4 contributors per retiree...

The average current pension is € 1,182 (Source DREES)

The widower's pension is € 892 (general regime)

The 2012 Report of the Economic and Social Council informs us that the population of over-75s stands at 5 million people.

By 2050 it will have doubled to 10 million.

Although life expectancy for men (78 years) and women (85 years) is increasing, overall levels of health are falling, and this regression will force many elderly people into retirement homes, but according to a housing survey by the INSEE, 94% of pensioners prefer to stay in their homes.

However, those retirees eager to stay home often have difficulties making ends meet with declining pensions, higher taxes, increased needs and greater daily expenses.

Investing in a tenanted equity release property is different from acquiring a classic equity release (buying a property with the aim of occupying it someday)

Under mutualised equity release, the retirees continue to occupy the property and when they die your investment will be increased by the capital gains from the sale of the property.

Advantages for investors are:

  • Increased security
  • Abundant revenue reserves
  • Direct holding and management of assets
  • Total transparency of transactions
  • Dedicated investor website with protected access
  • Full ownership of assets and possibility of pre-emption
  • Right to use and inhabit not subject to seizure of assets
  • Self-management (sovereignty of management)
  • No entry fee, no issuance premium
  • Strong gains as transactions unfold
  • Immediately productive subscriptions
  • Investment in high-end properties

In summary mutualised equity release is a different and innovative way to invest.

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