What investment suits you best?

Investing in Physical Gold

The performance of gold over the past ten years stood at 179% with an average of 17.9 per cent per year.
Buying physical gold is and has always been an excellent investment choice.
Describe as the foundation of a portfolio by some asset management experts, physical gold gives buyers the certainty that they can resell their gold very easily at any time.
Many people wishing to prepare their retirement often make the mistake of placing all their savings in a single investment solution.
Diversification is important because it allows the risk of losses to be minimised, and unlike many common misconceptions, it is not necessary to have the wealth of Croesus to access products that perform better than savings deposit accounts or life insurance.
CFinancial-Invest offers two solutions if you want to invest in the yellow metal.

1. Paper gold
2. Physical gold

The first solution is accessible from €10,000 and the second will be available at the daily rate.
For physical gold you can choose to have your purchase delivered or have it stored and managed by a specialised company.

In short, CFinancial-Invest is at your disposal to help you define the investment that suits you best.

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